Mexican restaurant Chandler, Indiana

Authentic Mexican Food

Try our delicious, authentic Mexican food.

Mexican restaurant Chandler, Indiana

Street Tacos

Grab a bite while on the go with our tasty street tacos.

Mexican restaurant Chandler, Indiana


Sink your teeth into our sizzling fajitas.

Mexican restaurant Chandler, Indiana


Our fresh salsa is the best dip for your chips.

You Can Find Authentic Mexican Food in Indiana

Come to our Mexican restaurant

Enjoy some spicy salsa, eat your fill of tacos and hang out with friends at Traditional Tex Mex Restaurant. We serve delicious Mexican food at our restaurant in Chandler, IN. We serve authentic Mexican food made from family recipes that were passed down from generation to generation. You can get a taste of Mexico without ever leaving Indiana.

Love our food? We're open every day of the week, so you can stop by as much as you want. Call 812-588-0020 now to get more details about our menu.

What is your family having for dinner tonight?

Still haven't made dinner plans? Come to Traditional Tex Mex Restaurant for your next meal. We've been feeding our community delicious Mexican food for over a decade. Bring your friends and family to our restaurant because:

We have a fun and family-friendly atmosphere
We serve true Mexican cuisine using fresh, quality ingredients
We're the perfect place to go for birthdays, first dates and casual family outings

530 W. Lincoln Ave
Chandler, IN 47601

Phone: (812) 588-0020

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